Rise of the Runelords

After battle thoughts

After a short, yet intense confrontation with Mokmurian we won the day defeated survived barely survived, Andarius has been turned into a frog and Vanien to stone. Even Freya seems to be less boastful then usual, maybe she finally recognized that what we are fighting is an ancient evil. That behind all we’ve encountered so far was a grand master plan.

I should be able to lift Andarius curse by tomorrow and then we should be on our way as soon as possible, there will probably be another attack on Sandpoint and at least one giant leader is unaccounted for, maybe we will meet him there again. Maybe this time Freya will not abandon her companions ins arms to save a brewery.
My hope is that Andarius can teleport us there, and then himself to Magnimar, he might not be able to carry Vanien alone, but it should be enough if he can buy the right scroll from the mage academy. He or I should then be able to return Vanien to flesh.

After that we should focus on defending Sandpoint, as well as trying to get more information about Runelord Karzoug, maybe that mechanical librarian can help. We’ve also not yet explored the spire in the middle of the town. We need to find a way to stop him. Maybe the sage from Sandpoint can be of assistance with that. After all he is the one person closest to an expert on ancient Thassilon. I wonder if we can convince others to prepare for the coming storm…


curtisin DMofDoom0815

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