Rise of the Runelords

And yet it continues

Mokmurion and his giant allies nearly decimated our little group. Vanion the monk was turned to stone, our elven druid companion was brutally bludgeoned and the sneak thief we hired has decided to “un-hire” himself. Leaving us shorthanded.

Oh yes, my familiar tells me that apparently i turned into a frog at some point.

However it appears i have to thank the uptight priestess as she managed to cure me of both the raniformedness and my blindness. Maybe she isn’t so up-tight after all. She still had no sense of humour but i can live with that.

The dwarf seems terribly happy that we dispatched two red dragons, she said it further enhanced her story of being Freya the dragon slayer. Whilst i can’t deny her faculty during the dragon battle, i still can’t bring myself to see that she brought down a blue dragon herself. Before she reached sandpoint on that fateful day nearly 18 months ago.
Im not sure she’s all there to be frank.

Anyhow, we made our way back to sandpoint with the remains of our friend. Thats two friends i owe Karsouog now.
if only he wasn’t a rune lord…

We found that sandpoint was not as easy as we thought it would be. A large sinkhole has appeared in the middle of a street and there are screems going on.

I sincerly hope it is not some form of planar rift that you hear the mages talking about.

I should probably research those things really..

I need to visit my dear maid Jenny. I found i missed her a little bit during this extended journey.
I also need to contact my adopted father. I want to know if my mother was returned to us.


curtisin Kheldarath

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