Rise of the Runelords

Home is where the heart/ long lost sister is

I’m troubled.

It seems Andarius and Meredith are somehow related. I’m going to assume their mother likes to get around a bit but what can I judge. A girl has to have some fun now and again.

The two of them seem quite bitter about the situation which I don’t understand. Family is important and what could bring adventurers closer than being related. You can now fight with this person, prove your unconditional love to them…Make up for a lost childhood with them.

Andarius also has a son too as well as getting married. Busy week for him really but it’s left me thinking. I’ve lost years of my life. Yes it has been spent killing, drinking (mostly) and creating an amazing name for myself but I wasn’t doing this with who I love. I’ve not seen my own family in years let alone had chance to fight alongside them. Maybe if I survive this adventure I should settle down. Go home and have my own children. Teach them how to be fighters, slayers of dragons and leaders of many…Build on what I feel I’ve lost.

The others might not understand this. Meredith – even if she does not like/want to admit it – May now even see us as her own strange family. Me and Vanien have also grown close and I would hate to part ways with such a fine warrior.
The problem is though I can feel it in my heart, I need to go home soon and make up for lost time.


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