Rise of the Runelords

No rest for the rightous

After we’ve (well, to be more precise I – as Freyas Hammer is not the tool for every task, despite her thinking that) returned Andarius back to his old self, and a bit of time in the library, we’ve decided to continue our exploration. Eventually we stumbled upon a dungeon with captives, many familiar faces were among them, they were from Sandpoint. As we hurried to free them, the ground shook and forth burst a – well I can only say it was the largest giant I’ve ever seen. His body was marked with sehidron runes.

With one series of blows from it’s giant sized club, it smashed our elven companion to a pulp. Which was quite shocking, to say the least. None of the beasts, ogres or giants was able to do such a gruesome thing, so quickly. Andarius and I both decided on the practical matter, that our survival was important to overcome the brute and turned invisible. Freya kept on engaging the giant in melee combat and would surely been mashed to a pulp as well, if it would not have been for our intervention. Oh, I’ve forgot to mention, the two red dragons we’ve encountered before, but they seem so less threatening, then that giant. Even now.

After the fight we freed the prisoners, gathered the remains of our druid (yes, I have to admit, that Bag of Holding was handy to have at the time) and retreated. To Sandpoint. Andarius took a detour to Magnimar and got that scroll with which he turned Vanien back to flesh. I’ve communed with our dead elven companion, if he wished to be raised, but he is at peace now and it seems the world of the living holds no more for him. That he declined, gives me the chills. Does he know something, that we don’t? Faith will prevail. Sarenrae protects.

There’s a new entrance to the thassilonian complex beneath Sandpoint, it seem to lead to the area we couldn’t explore due to a colapsed passage. The townspeople describe nightmarish howls and screams from down their, the guards who entered to investigate didn’t return. We’ve naturally offered our assistance.

After we’ve done that, we have quite some things to do. Andarius will have to sell all the items we’ve gained in Jurgenfist. And then we have to return there, I believe that the library is key to finding Xin-Shalast. The information we’ve gathered so fare is scarce at best. Broder Quint should be able to help me translating the ancient texts and scrolls.

I don’t know if we should use the gold we found to equip and establish an army. At least a 70 giants and ogres followed Mokmurian, and he was only a lieutenant, that makes me wonder how many lieutenants Karzoug has. And what may be guarding his citadel of power. His might must be terrible indeed. There is no doubt in my heart, that we will face him on day. I can only pray, that we’ll be ready when that day comes. May Sarenrae guide me true.


curtisin DMofDoom0815

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