Rise of the Runelords

Secrets - known and unknown

After we’ve cleared out the thassilonian ruins beneath Sandpoint and gathered all the information we would need – as well as made a roundtrip to Fort Rannick and Jenderhof, while Andarius, Freya and Vanien headed to Magnimar – we set out for the runeforge. We learned it was hidden from scrying magic, and has a guardian.

I can only hope, that the white dragon we’ve encountered was that guardian. Magic seems to become more and more important these days, as we could not have overcome the beast by brute force.

I know I should not write this, because what I felt was not true, my heart and mind were being dominated by magic, yet I miss the feeling I had. Unconditional love, but at that moment it felt so pure and true, it’s the most precious thing in the world. As such a succubus should not be allowed to invoke such feelings, especially when it forces this upon a person. I don’t want to, and yet I remember the tenderness of her kiss, once in a while, which makes me wonder. I have to get this out of my mind.

On another personal note. Mother informed Andarius, that I’m his sister and he wasn’t amused, that I’ve kept it secret from him. He seemed not to understand, that it wasn’t my right to force myself into his family, we may share blood, but we don’t share a childhood and we never shared our mothers love the way brothers and sisters do. The past we share are the years of adventuring and I hope I was a good enough companion on our travels. But did being related change anything for me? No. I was already looking out for his wellbeing, I listened when he talked and aired his thoughts. I was there for him, whether he knew or not.


curtisin DMofDoom0815

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