Andarius Rhyn

A tall earthy looking fellow with long maroon to dark red hair. Wears clothing with mostly understated colouring.


Clothing – Noble bearing, understated colourings (dark brown/dark green/ grey / Dark red) THe only flash of bright colours being from a shiny white metal chain mail armour. He wears a long hooded cloak/coat with torusers and shirts underneath. He carries an intricately wrought longsword that has a strange shine to its appearence. He also has, alung about his shoulder a well used Lute.

Mostly wears his hood down with a wide brimmed hat on his head. His long dark red hair reaches down to just below his shoulders, and is straight and well kept.

His tanned skin-colour has a slight golden sheen to it. He has Striking green eyes and also carries himself confidently.


Andarius Rhyn

“Perhaps you should start that one again. I’m never too good at remembering family trees. You know me. I generally cheat and just think of the patrons and matrons of the families.” One man said
“Fine. You want to take notes or something Jeris? Would that help?” the other man rolled his eyes.
Jeris sighed and pulled out a parchment package and a quill. He undid the binding and shuffled to a clean piece.
“Whenever you are ready Artruis.” He added condescendingly.
Artruis smiled slightly and began again.

“This being the chronicle of the noble merchant family of Magnimar, name of Rhyn. The family is known to be if not rich, then at least fairly comfortable. Their assets and honor being above the measure of many other merchant families of whom I could name. Such as the family of Jordren Blackspire. Who coincidentally, have regarded the Rhyns’ as merchant enemies for some time.”

Jeris raised an eyebrow and noted down the opening. Artruis coughed slightly and continued.
“The family at present time and date are known to consist of Chaledor Rhyn, Patron father and general head of the current family generation; Selina Rhyn (formerly Hardrington), Matron and wife of Chaledor; Sildor Rhyn, Eldest son and heir apparent to the current family wealth and assets; Melyna Rhyn (formerly Charlentine), wife of Sildor; Jameson Rhyn, youngest son of the house, not yet invested into the family business as he is still in schooling. We should also include Penelope Rhyn, single daughter of the Rhyn family. Just reached adult status.”

Jeris held his hand up to stop Artruis briefly.
“I thought there were three sons?”

Artruis smiled slightly.

“Ah yes, I forgot about Andarius, although up until recently he was a valued second son, and would normally be counted, of recent times he has shown less and less interest in the house, he would never break off ties completely, but he does not consider himself part of the hierarchy. As such he has decided to become a traveller for a time. Last he was seen was heading to Sandpoint. The reason we have not included him in these annals is because we are as yet unsure of his future. The last communication with the family was some weeks ago.”

Jeris frowned slightly.

“I don’t understand why he would write himself away from the business and the court. Surely there is a lot of money to be made with it, and with his status as second son he could be quite comfortable surely?”

Artruis grinned.
“Rumour has it there was some kind of family argument and he chose to walk it off. Couple of the other rumours are that he discovered some terrible secret about his family, or possibly some kind of dishonour. But that’s wharfside taverns talking mind you. The other rumour stands that he went chasing after some kind of young lady who disliked the sedentary lifestyle. And the last is that his Mother asked him to leave for some reason.”

Jeris nodded and spoke.
“I heard that his mother asked him to leave to cover up some unfortunate late night encounter. I did hear a rumour not so long ago about Selina disappearing some years after Sildor was born.
Chaledor, was away on business or something, so he let her stay with family. But someone said she may have had a … dalliance perhaps.”
Artruis nodded slightly.

“Its possible I guess. I know that a mad priest I met was absoloutly convinced that Andarius was a dragon in human form and was going to destroy the whole city, now I think of it he does look a bit different to Sildor and Jameson.”

“Im sure he does, but a dragon in human form? HA! I’m sure he has claws as long as knives and wings hidden in there somewhere eh? I dunno, some of those sailors and drunkards weave some great ‘tales’” Jeris replied chuckling loudly for a brief moment.

“Was that a terrible attempt to pun tales and tails in some effort to illicit humour Jeris? I believe it was, didn’t I ask you not to do that again?” Artruis raised an eyebrow at his scribe.

“Ahem sorry sir. But seriously, why do the Rhyns have so many stories about them? Makes no sense, they seem perfectly normal.” Jerin replied a little hurt.

“Well it’s probably because in the past the Rhyn’s have been… unknown as to their affiliations and policies perhaps. But then again it could also be the Blackspires’ or some other family seeking to demean their reputation. Probably Blackspire. He’s always been jealous of the Rhyn successes. He’s not the most honest type either is Blackspire. He’s been known to use more nefarious means at times. Hells for all I know he made Andarius leave. Maybe its some ploy to discredit the house.”

Jerin nodded.
“So Andarius is no longer part of the family?”

Artruis shook his head dismissively.
“No no he still is a part of the family, they havn’t exiled or otherwise excommunicated him. He’s just gone away somewhere for a while, and he may have stepped down some of his responsibilities. But his father is still sending him work, why he asked him to communicate a deal to a buyer in Sandpoint recently. That was before the troubles though. To be perfectly truthful Jerin, this chronicler has no idea what happened to that particular family member. He may even be dead after the recent attacks there, so for now we’re not including him in the archives.”

“Fair enough Artruis. So tell me more about this Penelope Rhyn, she a fine young lass? Her mother and father are counted amongst some of the great lookers of this city. Plus if shes rich….” Jerin grinned slightly

“Jerin, She’s a fine looking girl yes, 17 and totally out of your abilities. So be quiet, leave fantasy to those who can afford it and get back to scribing these details before I dock your pay for incessant chatter.”

“Yes sir, Sorry sir.”

“Jolly good. Now the next document is details of the assets and spread of the Rhyn Mercantile company, after that we’ll go on to city council status. Shouldn’t take too long. Come along now Jerin, start writing!”

“Yes sir…..”
The scribe poised ready to write again.

Andarius Rhyn

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