Cleric of Sarenrae who also happens to know a thing or two about wizardry


Merediths is still a relativley young woman, but the adventures she went through often leaves her wondering, what the future will hold for her friends and herself, as well as for the rest of Varisia. So it’s not seldom to see her with a worried, serious expression, when trying to shoulder her responsibilities as priestess of Sarenrae. Despite some “should know better experiences” she tries to keep a somewhat naive worldview and tries to see the good in every person. Yet Freya is giving her a hard time at that.p. p.


Meredith never knew her parents, as the clerics would tell her, when she was old enough to ask, that she was found on the doorsteps of the monastry, wraped in a blue cloak.

On a dark and stormy night, a small baby child was found on the doorsteps of the monastry, only covered in a blue cloak. The priests took her in and raised her, while trying to find a family where the half elven girl could find a new home. Unfortunatley half-elves face prejudices of botth their parent races and none would have the girl. Instead she was raised by the clerics and paladins of the monastry, and she brought much joy to them. The girl they named Meredith always seem to be happy and content with her life, accepting hardships and tried to help whereever she could – Father Chuck, the inofficial head of the monastry sometimes referes to her “She’s a gift from Sarenrae, at least to me, an old man who always wanted to raise children, but never found quite the right woman to do so.” What he never mentions is that the only other thing he found with the girl, besides from the blue cloak, was a silver necklace with the symbol of the sun – the very same symbol he gave Meredith, when she was accepted into priesthood.
To Meredith, “Father” Chuck, is the fatherfigure in her life, while the rest of the monastry feels like brothers and sisters, a family of believers.

Earlier in her life, she strifed to become a paladin, but the the strong code of honor and conduct sometimes troubled her. “A kind heart should not be governed by codes. If we can find honor in our intentions and actions, then there is no need to follow a writen code.”
Her instructor, Ser Theagon would disagree. “All our actions need to be done with honor, a paladin should not have the benefit of a doubt. This could prove lethal, and that is why we follow this code by word and heart.”
Neither Theagon nor Meredith took hardship in this, but both accepted the opinion of the other. Actually Theagon was reliefed, that Meredith chose another path. The girl enjoyed the training at arms, but yet he would not want to lay the burden of killing a being on her, such an event would surely trouble her deeply.

So she traveled roads with Father Chuck, from village to village, always helping whereever they could and she took great joy from it. As wise man and a young woman they went on with this for 4 years, when his age finally caught up with Chuck, he returned to the monastry, while Meredith continues their work. Only to return to the monastry from time to time, and it always felt like coming home.

But her life would change soon enough.


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